Still Amsterdam

The lively city of Amsterdam is my home for ten years already. As a
reportage photographer I felt the urge to capture the impact the pandemic and
its restrictions had to our life’s. Amsterdam, the before covid over touristed
city, has radically changed. So I hopped on my bike to capture ‘still Amsterdam’.

This reportage is part of the Pan-European project Lockdown Europe – showing European capitals in times of Corona through local photographers’ eyes.

Death on Dam square during Covid times

The “death” on dam square

Observing “the death” on dam square, still doing his “business as usual” (posing for pictures) without any audience but one other street artist around, was totally absurd.

Fisherman not selling his famous Dutch haring due to the Covid pandemic on famous Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam

No fish today

The traditional fisherman, who is standing every day on the Albert-Cuyp market, selling his famous Dutch haring to tourists as well as locals. Not this day.

Closed Febo snack bar during the Covid Lockdown in the Red Light district

Red light switched off

FEBO is famous for their super-gross but surprisingly tasty fried snacks, you can directly buy “out of the wall”. Often a life saver after a far too long party… I have never seen this one closed.

Stacked chairs of the closed restaurants blocking one of the most beautiful canal views in Amsterdam

No beer today

The stacked chairs of the closed bars are blocking one of the most famous and beautiful canal views we do have in Amsterdam.

Empty bike lane behind Amsterdam Central Station

Finally safe biking

The bike line behind Amsterdam Central Station totally unknown that empty to me.

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